New release from Pink Picasso Kits!

This original image is turned into a paint by numbers kit.  Each kit includes a great quality template printed canvas, a 4 brush set, handy little pots of acrylic paint, and a map just in case you need to find a number you missed.  Each of our projects is about 12 hours.  Paint however you would like.  Enjoy!




• 16 x 20” ready-to-paint premium printed canvas

• Pre-mixed acrylic paints in handy little pots

• Set of 4 paint brushes

Each kit is made for success.  The areas are clearly marked and numbered so that you just match the paint with the number.  Start at 1 or your favorite rules.  Layer the paint for a little bit of depth.  Beautiful success in a tube.... have fun and likely you will want more than one.

Customer Reviews

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Not what I was hoping for.

The paintbrushes are poor quality (metal piece attached to wooden base got loose and wobbly right away) and paint is super thick and clumpy, so hard to work with (but like other reviewers said it doesn't cover the numbers so you have to go over several times). I do like the design and the idea but won't be ordering again.

Sharon Mockler
Beautuful Flowers

I just finished the Magic Magenta, the canvas is top quality, I found the paints to be too thin, its very hard to cover the numbers, and I had to go back over the numbers 3 or 4 times so you couldnt see them. In the end it did come out Beautiful framed.

Melinda Murphy

I wanted so much to enjoy painting Magic Magenta but that hasn’t been the case. I find the paint to be too thin to cover the numbers and I am not interested in painting a design as detailed as this one twice. It would also have been helpful if some tips had been provided as to which brush to use in certain types of areas. I think your designs are beautiful and your service was great but I was disappointed in the paint and it’s coverage.

kim kulp


Jan Keast

I wish you mailed to BC Canada! Any thoughts of that?