This original image is turned into a paint by numbers kit.  Each kit includes a great quality template printed canvas, a 4 brush set, handy little pots of acrylic paint, and a map just in case you need to find a number you missed.  Each of our projects is about 12 hours.  Paint however you would like.  Enjoy!




• 16 x 20” ready-to-paint premium printed canvas

• Pre-mixed acrylic paints in handy little pots

• Set of 4 paint brushes

Each kit is made for success.  The areas are clearly marked and numbered so that you just match the paint with the number.  Start at 1 or your favorite rules.  Layer the paint for a little bit of depth.  Beautiful success in a tube.... have fun and likely you will want more than one.

We hope you will give our kits as an experience gift to a loved one, invest in your own self care, or paint with friends and family around.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
M. C.
Great Gift

Given as a gift to our daughter for Christmas. Truly one of her favorite items to receive ! Nice quality and will soon be a terrific keepsake !

One of my favorite pink Picasso kits

It took me three and a half months to complete but I ordered an extra set of paint and was able to blur a lot of the colors in the flowers. So worth it.
A lot of complaints about pant not covering the numbers.
My solution has worked amazingly. Use a white out pen to cover any numbers or outline you would like to hide. Amazon sells the pens in six packs for a reasonable price. Flymax is the brand. Fine tip and easy to control.
This was my fifth pink Picasso. I notice a huge improvement since the first go. The blurring has become easier and enhances the depth and color.

Great summer passtime

Ordered an extra paint set. I want to blur the vase and some flowers. Fourth pink Picasso. Skip the other

Abby Dillon

I really enjoyed working on a kit as a sample to hang in our store. We are seasonal and today was our first day open for the 2022 season. Hopefully the customers will love them.

Beatrice Hiznay

Darling Dahlia