Never has a collection like this ever existed within Pink Picasso Kits! Our line of Mid Century Modern paint by numbers kits are here and are ready to adorn your walls now!

These smaller 8x10 paint by numbers kits were designed because of YOU, our amazing customers. You asked for smaller, less intricate kits that would take fewer hours to complete and we're happy to bring you something totally fresh and new. Each Mid Century kit takes about 2-3 hours to complete and contains anywhere from 6-17 different colors.

Our kits are amazing experience gifts, great to paint with friends, and an amazing way to reduce the time on your devices!  Happy painting!

Customer Reviews

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Jo Rainwater
Looking for a new hobby?

Since I was introduced to Pink Picasso two years ago, I can't stop painting. I don't have an ounce of creativity, but Pink Picasso makes me look like a seasoned artist! In fact, it's quite therapeutic and relaxing. I gave several as gifts this past Christmas, and my family and friends LOVE them! It is definitely higher quality than what you can find from other stores and sellers. Pink Picasso provides brushes, paints and nice quality canvas that is rolled (not folded). I've ordered from Amazon in the past (a different company) and the canvas came folded in a square and it was challenging to paint with the creases. I highly recommend Pink Picasso.

Pamela Arway
Great Fun!

I found it very relaxing and somewhat addictive. I wish the paints were more consistent in thickness. Some are a bit watery and don’t cover well. Other than that, I can’t wait to do my next one

Wayne Evans

Keep Growing

Betty V
Keeping Growing

I found the simplicity of the piece to be refreshing. I've enjoyed each piece I have ordered. Funny, a sadness come over me when the picture is completed.

Kyla Thompson

We can’t wait to start our kits but we are away on a family vacay right now :)