You asked and we delivered! A super simple fun hanging solution for all your Pink Picasso finished art! Simply trim your completed canvas and attach 2 pieces on each end through magnets already embedded in to the wood and hang. The design is beautifully designed to complement your recent project and look great with any home decor. Enjoy!


Pink Picasso Kits Hanging Solution


• One reusable hanging solution 

  • One top bar that consists of two pieces with a string.  Held together by strong magnets.  
  • One bottom bar that consists of two pieces, held together with strong magnets.

• Will hold your 16 x 20” painted canvas.  Just cut the one inch border off!

•This product is reusable over and over again!  So you can switch out your masterpieces as you see fit! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Candy cane

A nice, easy solution to hang your completed painting in a casual manner. I like that I can easily switch out the painting. The magnetic gripper is strong to hold the canvas in place but not wrinkle or bend the canvas

Alice Kiviniemi

All looks great with the new frame.

Margaret Casey

I was surprisingly disappointed. The concept is great but the actual product looks cheaper than it is. Maybe the color of the wood makes it look like it is unfinished and waiting to be painted. I am on my 6th painting, so I’ll use it for one! Obviously I love your paint by numbers!

Claudia Casey

Frame was economical and looks great

Deborah Christensen
It looks like a photo! nI love the frame as well

I purchased the succulents kit. I have done several paint-by -numbers from different companies, and this one by far had the best paint. It was the perfect texture with no mixing or thinning required at all! The brushes were the best I have seen in a kit as well.I totally enjoyed this set, and plan to buy others. Thank you for a quality DIY!