Never has a collection like this ever existed within Pink Picasso Kits! Our line of Mid Century Modern paint by numbers kits are here and are ready to adorn your walls now!

These smaller 8x10 paint by numbers kits were designed because of YOU, our amazing customers. You asked for smaller, less intricate kits that would take fewer hours to complete and we're happy to bring you something totally fresh and new. Each Mid Century kit takes about 2-3 hours to complete and contains anywhere from 6-17 different colors.

We are so excited to bring this new line to you, and can't wait to hear how much you love these kits. 

Our kits are amazing experience gifts, great to paint with friends, and an amazing way to reduce the time on your devices!  Happy painting!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kim Cogswell
Just Leafy is just perfect!

This is my first kit and it did not disappoint! Easy to get started, paints are great texture...really easy to work with, and I love the picture. Turned out great! A really cute addition to my bathroom!

Martha Frantz Burger
Almost too easy

I’ve done a couple of these small kits now and they come out beautifully. These kits are so much better than other brands. The canvas and definitely the paints are better quality, I do have a better set of brushes I prefer to use. I was happy to see two pots of the background purple paint were included so I didn’t have to worry about painting too thin. Unfortunately this picture I completed far too soon, less than 2 hours dedicated time (I like to put on an audio book or podcasts while painting.) I’m going to try a larger more intricate picture next. Such a nice calm meditative hobby. I wish I had the talent to do this freehand but in lieu, these kits are fantastic.

Betty V

This purchase was so much fun to paint. I loved the use of different green plants. Perfect choice, just in time for Spring.

Judy Kaplan

Just Leafy

Richard Portal
Fun and stress reliever too!

I enjoyed painting with Pink Picasso so much, I ordered another painting! I saw the presentation on Shark Tank and was immediately interested. Thank you, Ladies! You got me back into painting again and I was able to finish easily!