For our friends that like heavy paint or to add more texture! Please select which extra paint set you need in the dropdown box. 

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Excellent response

Several of my paint pots were quite dry. Upon notifying the company I received a prompt reply and then replacement paints arrived in the mail shortly. And here I thought customer service was dead in this country! Not so here!

Sharon Turner

Thank you for the extra paint. My painting is very pretty

Vicki Kippley

Extra Paint Set

Mary Young
Happily Hydrangea Colors

Your website shows the Hydrangea painting to be mostly blue blossoms.
However, the picture with the kit shows the painting to have darker blues and lavenders which I was trying to paint. But: I found that many paint pots did not match the color chart. Mainly many colors that were blue shades in the small picture and color chart were lavender, orchid, and purple. I ordered an extra set thinking I would get the correct colors, but the extra set had the very same numbered colors. I did find a couple reviews that stated this same issue. I would think the paint color differences would be a problem for anyone painting this picture. I ended up mixing some colors to try to achieve colors I wanted. What I have is more of a purple painting than I intended.

I will say that I've enjoying this way of painting except for some of my original paints being dry, but the second set you sent was fine. I just was so frustrated wanting the right colors. I may like to paint another smaller painting in the future with the right colors. Can you please address this issue?

Wallace Peabody

Thank you very much for sending the new paint for my dad’s hydrangea painting. This gesture allowed him to complete the painting, and it is beautiful! It is being framed now. I will share a photo when it is done. Thanks again. ~ Debbie