Wondering what to buy grandma this year?

Wondering what to buy grandma this year?

You've been buying gifts for the grandparents in your life for a long time. As you should - they have been by your side for a lifetime. You've purchased it all. The fruitcake or fruit basket, vases, a blouse, a pair of slippers, maybe a robe. We all start to run out of options. Gift buying can become stressful. Between the amount of people on our lists and trying to figure out what to get them - it can become overwhelming and downright exhausting. Not only that, you need a gift for the grandparents who already have everything. 

It's time to buy grandma and grandpa an experience -- without having to leave the house! 

Our Pink Picasso Paint By Numbers Kits are the perfect and unique gift for grandparents. Even better - they are experiential - they provide an experience without them ever having to leave home. They are easy to use and require no prior art experience - it’s just like coloring between the lines.

pink picasso paint by numbers kits gifts for grandma grandpa


Give the gift that will allow your grandparents to sit down, relax, help keep their minds sharp, and their hands on task. Watch their eyes light up as they begin to see their paintings come to life. Studies show that those over the age of 65 that engage in creative activities have better overall health. Our kits provide both a creative opportunity and a unique gift for grandparents.  

Unique Gifts for Grandparents

Does grandma like floral designs? Grandpa into succulents? Maybe they're both into Monet? We offer a variety of Paint By Numbers Kits that suit anyone's tastes. 


Our botanical prints offer vibrant colors and soothing textures. Choose between 13 magnificent floral designs or 2 different succulent options. It's best to think about their home decor and colors, and choose a print that will add to the beauty of their home. 

Our top botanical pick for grandma is Zealous Zinnias

Mid Century Modern

Our modern prints offer 8 different options to choose from including zesty citrus prints, a cheetah, a flamingo, and botanicals. 

You can purchase 1 kit, or a custom pack of 4 or 6. These kits will allow the grandparents in your life to adorn their walls with some cheery inspiration. 

Modern Monet

Are your grandparents world travelers? 

Have they been to Paris or Greece? 

paris paint by numbers kits modern monet

Is Grandpa into Vintage cars?

vintage vision paint by numbers kit modern monet vintage car

With 12 options available, you can choose from a variety of prints that will allow your grandparents to relive some fond memories of travel or just add something unique to their walls. 

Pink Picasso and Modern Monet Kits are the perfect experience gift for the grandparents that already have everything. Shop all of our kits at pinkpicassokits.com and modernmonetkits.com

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