You asked and we delivered! A super simple fun hanging solution for all your Pink Picasso finished art! Simply trim your completed canvas and attach 2 pieces on each end through magnets already embedded in to the wood and hang. The design is beautifully designed to complement your recent project and look great with any home decor. Enjoy!


Pink Picasso Kits Hanging Solution


• One reusable hanging solution 

  • One top bar that consists of two pieces with a string.  Held together by strong magnets.  
  • One bottom bar that consists of two pieces, held together with strong magnets.

• Will hold your 16 x 20” painted canvas.  Just cut the one inch border off!

•This product is reusable over and over again!  So you can switch out your masterpieces as you see fit! 

Customer Reviews

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Lori R
Superb Hanger

The magnetic hanger beautifully and easily displays my Pink Picasso paint by numbers finished product. It is so easy to use and allows me to interchange various completed projects as beautiful decoration in my home.

Melissa Rossi

Hanging Solution - Landscape/Horizontal, 20inch Wide

Marcia Portal
Just Amazing!

I have finished 2 PP paintings. One small & one large. I didn't have to worry about displaying them, since like everything else, the ladies behind PP came up with such a clever way of hanging the completed projects. You got me back into painting after 20 years! Thank you. Design more florals!


have not started it

Lucy Asher
Give me a chance!

Got mine for Christmas. Who would have time to even start at this point? Check back in a few months and stop making me feel I’m lazy that I haven’t had time to even begin. Slow down. Tired of the pressure emails, need more paint, really?